It's difficult to get people to stay on your websites and offer pages.

Nowadays there are so many distractions like skype or social media. The big players like Facebook know this all too well. This is why they employ technology that lets them grab people's attention when they get a new notification.

Unfair Advantage

Of course, the problem with this is that the website they are grabbing attention away from is often your own and people are noticing a drop in the amount of traffic that's converting because people get pulled away to read a new message or post, answer an email or skype call.

How do you get people coming back for more?

This is where eLasso comes in. This is a cloud-based software that lets you add these same message notifications to your own website.

What happens is that your potential customer is reading your site when they get called away by Facebook, perhaps. After a minute, your own messaging system kicks in, sends a chime and a little message on their browser's tab, alerting people that your offer is still waiting for them.

The great thing about this is that the process here has been shown to grab back much of the traffic that leaves to go elsewhere.


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4.0 /5

One Word Review: Brilliant

But that's not all

This is a product that has quite a lot of nice features, even though the basic idea is very simple. Firstly, you can use this on as many domains as you want and you can use this on Client sites as well. Imaging getting paid for setting up this quick and simple little attention-grabbing widget on someone's site.

What's more, the technology in here lets you send your visitor to a different page or offer when they do go back to your site. Make your offer even more relevant to a potential client, or really focus their attention on what you want them to do. the choice is yours.

By far the best strategy...

My personal preference for this type of tool is to use it on a sales page. If people move away from it, take them to a downsell as soon as they come back. Let them know that by returning to the page, you are offering them a discount as a reward.

This really is a pretty simple tool to set up and the results are stunning, considering the cost of the software.

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